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Puzzle cabinet with 5 Insect Puzzles

Puzzle cabinet with 5 Insect Puzzles

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A beech plywood cabinet including five flying insect Puzzles.

The Insect Puzzles are used to separate and identify different parts, and types. They are also used to show how each of the insectss are the same and how they are different. The purpose of the Insect Puzzle Cabinet is to increase their power of observation and knowledge in each Insect, also illustrates the component parts of each puzzle piece. The knob on each component of the puzzle makes it easy to hold and can be used with many activities such as tracing or matching with cards. The puzzles are inserted along the slots for convenient storage. This sturdy cabinet holds 5 puzzles, with a place on the top to display 1 puzzle, The puzzles are an essential part of the Montessori program, and the cabinet keeps them safe, The cabinet can sit on the floor or a table top, and be easily accessible to children, Size: 26 x 23 x 23 cm



Brand Kinderhuis Montessori
Minimum age 4 years
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Customer Reviews

Based on 371 reviews
Madison Harris
Builds Confidence in Math

Children's confidence in math grows as they become proficient with numbers and quantities using these cards.

Jackson Martinez
Fantastic for Early Counting

These printed numerals are fantastic for early counting skills. Children learn to associate numbers with quantities.

James Turner
Inspires a Lifelong Love for Mathematics

The hands-on and interactive approach to learning with these cards inspires a lifelong love for mathematics.

Mason Smith
Engages Multiple Senses

The printed numerals engage multiple senses, including touch and sight. Children learn through multisensory experiences.

Benjamin Turner
Encourages Creative Problem Solving

Children engage in creative problem solving as they arrange and rearrange dots and numerals to represent various numerical concepts.