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Ketu Step Stool kitchen helper-Natural color

Ketu Step Stool kitchen helper-Natural color

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Folding helper tower is a perfect kitchen stool for your baby. Best seller for more than two years.
Cooking, washing dishes, watching your parents are now an easy and safe-learning game for your child.
Light constructions which are easy to fold and move and do not take up a lot of space.

✅ Very strong and stable!

🔻 Each tower is perfectly polished and covered with one of these options:

🔺 All materials are completely safe for children and the environment.

🍀 Can be used from 18 months.
🍀 Upper weight limit of 100 kg (220 lb) which is testament to the strength of the frame design too.
🍀 An adult in this weight category can safely use the tower as a ladder.
🍀 Made from high-quality birch plywood type FK (FSC certified) and pine rods to ensure long lasting strength that won’t suffer warping or movement.
🍀 Coated with natural linseed oil or water based paint. It is completely safe for children and the environment. Has the appropriate certification.

OPEN dimensions:
Height 91.5 cm (36 in) * Width 48 cm (18.9 in) * Length 47 cm (18.5 in)

CLOSED dimensions:
Height 100 cm (39.4 in) * Width 48 cm (18.9 in) * Length 16 cm (6.3 in)

Platform dimensions: 41 x 31 cm (16.1 x 12.2 in)
Platform height: 45 cm (17.7 in)
Height to the lower step: 21 cm (8.27 in)

🍀 Product weight: 7 kg (15.4 lb)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Martina Martínez
Sturdy and Reliable

The Ketu Step Stool is incredibly sturdy and reliable. It gives my little one the extra boost they need in the kitchen.

Matías Méndez
Great for Toddler Independence

It's been a game-changer for my toddler's independence. They can now reach the counter and help with cooking.

Antonia Herrera
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Camila Salazar
Great Addition to the Kitchen

This stool is a great addition to our kitchen. It helps us reach high shelves and has become a favorite in our household.

Иванович Гонсалес
Perfect for Kids Great Quality

The Ketu Step Stool is perfect for my kids to help in the kitchen. It's safe