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Large Clock with Movable Hands

Large Clock with Movable Hands

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Discover Fun Learning with Large Montessori Clock with Movable Hands



A freestanding Clock With Movable Hands and removable clock numbers 1-12 in red and 13-24 in blue Includes: a stand with a storage tray for storing the number.

Diameter of the clock face is 28 cm.


Brand Kinderhuis
Minimum age 6 years


Our Large Montessori Clock with Movable Hands is an innovative learning tool designed to make learning time fun and interactive. With hands that can be moved freely, children can get a hands-on experience and develop a concrete understanding of time.

The large size of the clock ensures visibility and easy manipulation of the movable hands. Not only does this clock offer a fun way of learning, but it also serves as an aesthetically pleasing educational toy in your child's room. The numbers are bold and large, making them easy for young learners to see and understand.

Ideal for parents, educators, and homeschooling, our Large Montessori Clock with Movable Hands supports a variety of learning styles. Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, this clock is an excellent teaching aid. Order your Large Montessori Clock with Movable Hands today and make learning time an exciting and interactive experience for your child.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Мария Козлова
Stimulates Interest in Archaeology

The concept of time can spark an interest in archaeology and understanding ancient civilizations.

София Смирнова
Encourages Creativity in Literature

Creative writing projects can explore themes related to time, time travel, and historical fiction.

Mariana Costa
Promotes Financial Literacy

It can be used to teach financial literacy by discussing concepts like interest rates and compound interest.

Ирина Иванова
Enhances Time Management

This clock can help children understand the concept of time management and schedules.

Татьяна Морозова
Perfect for Classroom Use

I use this clock in my classroom, and it's a versatile teaching tool for introducing time concepts.