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Solar Core Puzzle

Solar Core Puzzle

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This puzzle represents the various layers of the Earth, such as the crust, mantle and core. The child will learn the various layers of the Earth and their arrangements with each other, in addition to fine motor skills, shape and color shade recognition, and logical thought and reasoning as they build up the various layers of the Earth. The child will also improve their pincer grip, an important pre-writing skill. 

Min age: 3 years 

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Customer Reviews

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Александр Иванов
Endless Fun and Learning

The Solar Core Puzzle provides endless fun and learning opportunities. It's an excellent choice for space exploration.

Алина Смирнова
Supports Astronomical Exploration

Astronomical exploration is made accessible and enjoyable through the assembly of the planets in this puzzle.

Maria Fernanda Flores
Stimulates Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is essential for understanding the solar system, and this puzzle provides that experience.

Анна Васильева
Stimulates Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is nurtured as kids arrange the planets in their orbital positions.

Екатерина Васильева
Stimulates Interest in Space Travel

An interest in space travel and interplanetary exploration may develop as kids engage with this puzzle.