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Kids floor table

Kids floor table

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This multi-functional kids floor table, bed table is an essential item for any household. The child can not only do arts and crafts while sitting anywhere in your home but also the top can flip up to a perfect angle ideal for light reading or writing in bed. It is finely crafted of solid wood and features a beautiful natural wood finish. The white melamine surface is water-resistant to help protect against spills, making this durable and easy-to-clean. Can even be used for breakfast in bed, convenient workspace for your laptop.  This versatile tray is lightweight and sturdy. With foldable legs making it easy to store when not in use or compact for a trip to the park to have a nice picnic setup!


Open Dimension 24.66" x 13.94"W x 9.22"H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
James Turner
Easy for grandparents

Even our grandparents find it easy to use during visits. It's suitable for all ages.

Benjamin Turner
Helps with fine motor skills

Fine motor skills development is enhanced by various activities on this table.

Mason Smith
Doubles as an art studio

Our children use it as their personal art studio. It's perfect for painting and drawing.

Amelia Harris
Safe and sturdy

Safety is essential, and this table is both safe and sturdy. We have peace of mind while our kids play.

Emily Wright
Strengthens Sibling Bonds

Sibling bonds are strengthened through shared playtime and activities.