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Luna Montessori Floor bed with extra drawer bed

Luna Montessori Floor bed with extra drawer bed

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Why Choose Luna Montessori Floor Bed?

The Luna Montessori Floor bed is designed with children's development in mind. This floor bed is not only a place of rest for your child but is also a space for play and learning.

Freedom of movement for little sleepers.

Low beds are a great way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early developmental stages of your child’s life. The Luna Montessori Floor Bed allows the Child to enter and leave when they feel the need, letting them regulate their sleep according to their body's needs. This independence helps them learn about physical boundaries and develop spatial awareness while staying safe thanks to the bed's low height. Plus, this Montessori floor bed frame lifts the mattress from the ground to stop mildew from growing. This bed also has a pull out section which is integrated in the main frame so that it's not so high like other floor beds with additional pull out. This additional pull out allows for a siblings to share a bed/room or a cousin/friend sleepover! 

Also if your transitioning your child from crib to bed it won't be a problem. This floor bed is low to the ground, reducing the risk of falls and allowing children move freely.

Made with high-quality materials ensuring durability, this bed is a long term investment in your child's healthy growth and development. Get your Luna Montessori Floor Bed today and create a modern and functional space in your child’s room.

Luna Bed Dimensions: 120cm X 200cm X 180cm

Twin size bed, with pull out you can place one more twin at the same height level

About Wooden Furniture: 

Wood is a natural material and as such, has various unique markings. Variations in wood grain, color, knots, texture or dye transfer are all natural occurrences in these hand-stained wooden products. These unique variations and markings are proof of quality, not defects. Enjoy the markings that make your wooden toys unique!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Abigail Martin
Drawer Blessing

The drawer is a blessing for storing bedding and toys.

Sophia Smith
Quality Bed Frame

We're impressed with the quality of the bed frame.

Matthew Taylor
Easy Transition

Our child had an easy transition to this floor bed.

William Smith
Drawer Organization

The drawer is a game-changer for organizing our child's things.

Matthew Smith
Sturdy and Stylish

Sturdy, stylish, and perfect for our child's room.