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Montessori Wooden Calendar table

Montessori Wooden Calendar table

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Handcrafted wooden calendar 

This calendar can be a great helps the child to learn dates and numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. Introduce the child to the concept of time, how to use a calendar, show the child their birthday and favorite holidays, explain how to make a schedule. Learning complicated things is much easier through creative activities, so this calendar can be a great educational tool for your child.

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Customer Reviews

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Иван Петров
Helpful Learning Tool

The Montessori Wooden Calendar table is a helpful learning tool for young kids. It's a hands-on way to teach them about time, days, and months.

Fernando Molina
Fun and Educational

The Montessori Wooden Calendar table is both fun and educational. It captures our child's attention and helps them understand time and dates.

María Martínez
Learning Tool for All Ages

The Montessori Wooden Calendar table is a learning tool suitable for all ages. It's engaging and informative.

Joaquín Soto
Teaches Responsibility

The Montessori Wooden Calendar table teaches responsibility as our child learns to manage dates and time. It's a great life skill tool.

Camilo Araya
Could Use Some Improvements

It's a decent product, but the pegs holding the wooden pieces can be loose. My child often has to reattach them.