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Phonics A-Z Language set

Phonics A-Z Language set

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Why choose our Phonics A-Z Language set?

Our Phonics A-Z Language set is an excellent tool for introducing children to the foundations of phonics and literacy. The set provides a fun, interactive way to learn and explore the alphabet, pronunciation, and language building exercises.

The Phonics A-Z Language set features realistic, engaging mini figures that capture a child's attention, promoting an engaging learning environment. Each miniture figurine introduces a new phonics concept, advancing the child's knowledge and understanding of language syntax and structure.

This dynamic language set aids in the development of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. It allows children to actively participate in their learning process, perfecting their language skills with hands-on application. Discover the joy of learning with our Phonics A-Z Language set. Where Purpose meets Play!

Language-set comes with high quality language objects to teach phonemic awareness, letter sounds. This realistic mini figurines are beneficial for a fun and relaxed vocabulary development of the child. 

Each letter and container has min 3 pcs and max 7 pcs of miniature items representing each letter. Labels are in both English and Chinese. Please take a look at the picture for more details. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Andres Rodriguez
Affordable Tutoring Alternative

An affordable alternative to hiring a tutor for phonics and reading.

Luis Alvarez
Engaging Games

The interactive games are a hit with kids and keep them excited about learning.

Elena Fernandez
Engaging and Educational

The program offers an engaging and highly educational experience for young learners. It's the perfect blend of fun and learning.

Miguel Rodriguez
Fun Learning Journey

Our learning journey with Phonics A-Z is filled with fun, discovery, and a deeper understanding of the world of words.

Andres Rodriguez
Improved Pronunciation

In addition to reading skills, my child's pronunciation has improved significantly with the help of Phonics A-Z.