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Wood Stacking boxes

Wood Stacking boxes

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This lovely 6 piece set of stacking boxes in bright colors is a versatile toy inspired by Montessori and Waldorf. This toy is sure to provide hours of fun and discovery and can be used in various ways as the child grows.

-stacking toy and build a tower
-nesting toy
-Line up the boxes to learn arrangement
-Identify colors and shapes
-Learn sequencing from small to large and vice versa
-Learn counting the number of boxes
-Older children can use these boxes to build structures in accompaniment with other blocks.
-This can also be used for small world play, as a house for small peg dolls, animal shelter etc.
-They can also be used to learn color sorting of various objects.
-These boxes also make wonderful storage for any tiny trinkets and toys.

Dimensions: 16.1*16.1*16.1

Materials: Basswood

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Edwards
Stimulates Pattern Creativity

Pattern creativity is stimulated as children come up with their own unique stacking patterns and designs.

Noah Johnson
Promotes Problem-Solving Prowess

Problem-solving prowess is developed as kids overcome the challenge of balancing the boxes.

James Bennett
Supports Early Learning

Early learning is enhanced as kids explore the concepts of stacking and balance.

Sophia Wang
Perfect for Preschools

They are perfect for preschools, providing a versatile educational tool for early childhood education.

Sarah Chen
Supports Order Sequencing

Order sequencing is encouraged as children stack the boxes in a specific sequence or pattern.