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Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow

Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow

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Introducing the Ultimate Outdoor Toy - Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow

 Multi-use wooden rocker encourages open-ended collaborative play amongst pairs and groups of children. The movement awakens imagination, strengthens muscles, and promotes the development of balance and coordination. It becomes a slide, a boat, a resting place, a doll bed, a puppet stage, a lemonade stand, a tunnel, and much more! The possibilities are endless. 

Length; 29 Inches
Width: 16.5 inches
Height; 14.5 inches

What is it made of:
We use premium Premium Pinewood
Non-toxic water-based paints
The product is carefully grounded, smoothed and polished.

Climbing Arch is shipped disassembled, but it's easy to assemble.

Safety information:
The rocker should always be placed on a soft but sturdy play surface, never concrete or hard ground. Never leave your children unsupervised. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required. Suitable for indoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements.

Weight Limit :
160 LBS

The Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow is not just a toy, it's a perfect playmate for your kids. This is an innovative outdoor equipment specifically designed for children's movement and climbing games. Being a part of your kid's playtime, our Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow promotes fun, creativity, and physical agility.

With its lively and vivid colors, the Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow not only attracts your kids at their very first glance, but also motivates them to move and roam around. The unique shape and smooth surface presents a challenge for children to conquer and once they do, the sense of satisfaction is immense.

The Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow is extremely durable and designed to withstand all weather conditions, making it perfect for any outdoor area. Even in a slight rain or sunny environment, no need to worry about its quality. It's a perfect outdoor playmate for your children. Invest in your child's happiness today and let them explore their natural intrigue with the Movement Rocker Climber Rainbow.

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A touch of magic in our playroom.

Samuel Sokolova
Physical Growth

Supporting physical growth with enthusiasm.

Fatima Smirnova
Active Explorers

Our kids have become active explorers.

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Healthy and Happy

Our kids are healthy and happy climbers.